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Thefts in Cowdenbeath and Rosyth

In the Dunfermline Journal and Advertiser for West Fife 100 years ago this weekend (to be specific the 30 October 1915 issue)

Welcome to the next issue of Dunfermline 100 years ago.  I apologise for the lack of a blog post last week.  I had injured my shoulder and was giving it and the keyboard some much needed rest.

Anyway usual service will now resume ..............

Juvenile Offenders - Cowdenbeath Lad's Record

Sheriff Umpherston at Dunfermline on Monday had before him several lads for various offences - the most serious being theft by housebreaking.

James McDonagh (11) son of Stephen McDonagh, miner, 2 Mungal Street, Cowdenbeath admitted having (1) on 8th inst at the restaurant premises at 54 High Street, Cowdenbeath occupied by Guiseppi Ventura stolen 2s of money and at the premises ar Crosshill occupied by Galtine Campanile ice cream vendor, broken into the shop and stolen 20 packets of cigarettes and 3s of money; (2) on 13th inst at Foulford Farm stolen from a bothy an alarm clock (3) on 15th inst at the shop at 270 High Street, Cowdenbeath occupied by John Levine general dealer pretended to his daughter Diana Levine then in charge that he had been sent by her father and sister to get a woman's watch for a soldier who was waiting in the shop at 174 High Street also occupied by John Levine and thus induced Diana Levine to deliver to him a woman's watch which he appropriated to his own use and thus defrauded her of it and (4) on 18th inst at the premises at 264 High Street occupied by Millie Bolan licensed broker stole a purse.  He admitted a previous conviction for theft in 1913.

The lad's father who was present said that so far as he could learn his son was guilty of all the charges.

The sheriff - you know your boy has been in trouble before.  You have not been looking after him.

The parent replied that he had done his bit but the lad had got a little out of his control of late.  He (the son) was not responsible for all his actions.

The fiscal - he must be an enterprising youth at his age and should be properly guided.

The sheriff said he would send the boy to a school where he would be looked after and where he would not be able to get beyond control.

Albert Hopping (13) son of James Hopping timberman and Charles Lawrey (11) son of Frederick Lawrey labourer Wood Street Rosyth Village admitted having at Rosyth School (1) between 18th and 20th September broken into the school with intent to steal therefrom (2) between 25th and 27th September broken into the school and stolen 4 keys (3) between 2nd and 4th October broken into the school and stolen from a lockfast desk eightpence of money and (4) on 10th October broken into the school with intent to steal.

They were put on probation for 4 months.

Tune in next week to see what happened in Dunfermline next week 100 years ago ..........

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