Friday, 27 November 2015

Bankrupt merchant and musical recital

In the Dunfermline Journal and Advertiser for West Fife 100 years ago this weekend (to be specific the 20 November 1915 issue)

Welcome all to my new blog post focussing on social history in Dunfermline 100 years ago!

Dunfermline Merchants Bankrupt

In Dunfermline Sheriff  Court on Tuesday, Thomas Brown, sole partner of the firm of Hutchison and Brown, potato merchants, Grantsbank, Dunfermline was examined by Sherriff Umpherston in bankruptcy.

He lodged a statement of affairs and the usual oath was administered.  He stated that the military took possession of his stores, he had no adequate means of carrying on his business, less interest in and in consequence failed.  The statement lodged showed that book debts including a sum for army billets totalled £180.  The total assets were £363 less preferable claim for rent and taxes £35 leaving for division £225 5s 1d.  The liabilities cited consisting of trade debts amounted to £384 8s 5d showing a deficient of £95 2s 7d.

[The only building that now bears the name of Grantsbank in Dunfermline is a modern care home building].

Musical recital

A successful dramatic and musical recital was held  in the hall of the UF Abbey Church on Wednesday evening and resulted in a contribution of about £9 being made to the fund for providing comforts for local men at the front. The programme included solos by Misses Taylor, J Hendry, M Penman, W Knight recitations by Private G S Sandilands, 2-9th HLI and Mr Tom Walters; selections by the Canmore Orchestra (leader Mr H Watson), cello solo by Lance-Corporal H R Child and part songs by a choir.  Mr W Dickson acted as accompanist.  The entertainment was greatly enjoyed.

Tune in next week to see what happened in Dunfermline next week 100 years ago ..........

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