Friday, 13 November 2015

An accident and an assault .....

In the Dunfermline Journal and Advertiser for West Fife 100 years ago this weekend (to be specific the 13 November 1915 issue)

Welcome to the second instalment of my exploration of the 13 November 1915 issue.
 The first article this week strikes me as very similar to what happens in the 21st century:

Tramway Accident Claim

In the Outer House of the Court of Session on Wednesday Lord Ormidale closed the record in an action at the instance of John Buchanan, Anchoria Cottage, Harrie Brae Park, Dunfermline against the Corporation of Glasgow for £250 damages in respect of personal injuries.  On Thursday 5th August 1913 the pursuer, who was on holiday in Glasgow, boarded one of the defender's tramway cars at the Merkland Street car station.  He was proceeding up the stair of the car, intending to take a seat on the upper platform when the car, he says, started suddenly and with such a violent jerk that, although he was grasping the stair rail with one hand, he was wrenched from his hold and thrown over the rail onto the street.  The defenders deny fault and explain that while in the course of ascending the stair the pursuer lost his balance and fell backwards onto the street.  They plead that the pursuer failed to take  what was a customary precaution in the circumstances - namely a secure hold of the handrail provided or the purpose of safeguarding passengers ascending the stir while the car was moving.  Issues were ordered for the trial of the action by jury.

[Harrie Brae Park is directly opposite where I live!].

Assault on a Warder

George Williams labourer was fined 7s 6d with the option of 5 days imprisonment for having assaulted Edward Meechan a warden in a Chapel Street common lodging house by  striking him with his fist on the face to his effusion of blood.  Accused said that Meechan had struck him on the head with a poker but the Prosecutor remarked there was no provocation.

Tune in next week to see what happened in Dunfermline next week 100 years ago ..........

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