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Harvest thanksgiving service, a funeral and races

In the Dunfermline Journal and Advertiser for West Fife 100 years ago this weekend (to be specific the 9 October 1915 issue)

Harvest thanksgiving and flower service

The annual harvest thanksgiving and flower service was held in the church last Sunday.  The Rev William Forbes preached from the text 'Except a corn of wheat fall onto the ground and die it abideth alone'.  Suitable praise was led by the choir who also rendered several anthems.  There was a large congregation.  The gifts of flowers, fruit, eggs etc were afterwards sent to Dunfermline and West Fife Hospital and have been gratefully  acknowledged by the matron.

William Forbes was an Aberdeen man who was minister at Cairneyhill from 1895 until he died in Cairneyhill in 1943.

This is Cairneyhill church:


Linekilns and Charlestown

Funeral of the late Mr James Bryce

The remains of Mr James Bryce late collector of customs at Greenock were interred in Rosyth churchyard on Monday.  The funeral was attended by many friends from Dunfermline and the villages of Limekilns and Charlestown.  Mr Bryce was a native of the district.  His father was beadle of Limekilns church.  The early service of the boy with his father in ringing the church bell led him to remember his old church connection and when the belfry became so decayed he generously defrayed the cost.  That was some years ago.  The name of the generous friend was not made known at the time for the reason that he shunned publicity of good deeds.  Mr Bryce began life in the Elgin Estates office and his training there served him well when he entered government service.  He was unmarried.

[There is a connection between these first 2 articles in that Cairneyhill church and Limekilns church are now a linked charge.  The Elgin estate is the large estate still belonging to the Bruce family with their house named Broomhall which still covers a large amount of ground to the south of Dunfermline].

Charlestown children entertained

Charlestown children had a joyful surprise on Friday.  They were given a half day and informed that through the generosity of Lady Davis, London who is at present residing in the Elgin Hotel sports were to be provided for them.  The weather was fortunately of the very best and the football ground presented an admired appearance.  Lieutenant Davis who is on board one of H M Ships and is a son of Lady Davis came ashore and directed operations.  He brought with him the ship's band who discoursed mused [?].  There were events for children of all ages and even adults had a share.  The amusement creating items included the familiar old game of shipping the donkey's tail.  The poor aniumal cleverly painted on canvas by the sailors had the tail pinned even in its eye.  Another laugh producing game was the practice of the shying booth - the persons shied at including of course Kaiser Bill, Clown Prince and Von Turpe.  Several of the men from the ship dressed in fancy costume further added to the hilarity of the sports.  The following are the principal results:
Boys race (under 3) - 1 A Roxburgh, 2 O Thomson, 3 D Wood
Boys race (over 3) - 1 George Horn, 2 George Sinclair, 3 William Edwards
Girls race (under 3) - 1 Alice Westcott, 2 Alice Wilson, 3 Ina Roxburgh
Girls race (over 3) - 1 Grace Ferguson, 2 Ethel Phillip, 3 Jane Baxter
Shipping the donkey's tail ladies - 1 Miss Swan, 2 Mrs MacDonald
Shipping the donkey's tail girls - 1 Lizzie Simpson, 2 J Mann
Ladies race (over 21) - 1 Miss Mill, 2 Mrs McDonald, 3 Mrs Talbot
Lemonade and biscuit race boys - 1 John Fotheringham, 2 George Sinclair, 3 William McGregor
Lemonade and biscuit race girls - 1 Ina Thomson, 2 Ella Wood, 3 Eileen McMann.

Tune in next week to see what happened in Dunfermline next week 100 years ago ..........

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