Friday, 12 June 2015

Fatal Runaway Accident and Wedding Presentation

In the Dunfermline Journal and Advertiser for West Fife 100 years ago this weekend (to be specific the Saturday June 12 1915 issue):

Fatal Runaway Accident - Girl Killed by Cart

A fatal runaway accident occurred in Dunfermline last night resulting in the death of Sarah Farmer, the two years old daughter of Mr Andrew Farmer, a soldier, whose home is in Bruce Street and who is at present on service.  A light cart belonging to Mr McCormack, contractor, Dunfermline caused the accident.  The horse drawing the vehicle took fright in Beveridgewell and bolted along Castleblair and down Bruce Street, Kirkgate and Monastery Street - a distance of about a mile.  When in Bruce  Street on of the wheels of the cart caught the little girl who was hauled across the street.  She sustained a fracture of the skull and other injuries and was immediately taken in to the home of her parents nearby.  Dr Macgregor and Dr Cairncross were summoned but it was found that the case was beyond the reach of medical skill.  The horse and cart were not badly damaged.

[This caught my attention because the horse was frightened in Beveridgewell very close to where I live.  I also notice how quickly deaths were notified in the local paper!].

Marriage Presentation

The warehouse workers ad machine operators connected with Pilmuir Works have this week presented Mr Chas Hill and Miss Sarah Cribbes with an easy chair and a timepiece on the occasion of their forthcoming marriage.  the article were from the stock of Mr A Masterton, cabinetmaker, Chalmers Street.

[Dunfermline used to have many weaving factories.  The Pilmuir Works in 1913 had 700 looms.  Unfortunately the Pilmuir Works are now derelit.]

Tune in next week to see what happened in Dunfermline next week 100 years ago ..........

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