Friday, 26 June 2015

A supposed cure all and the benefits of wearing an H Samuel watch at Ypres

In the Dunfermline Journal and Advertiser for West Fife 100 years ago this weekend (to be specific the Saturday June 26 1915 issue):
A supposed cure all
"For the blood is the life"
Do you suffer from any skin or blood disease such as eczema, scrofula, bad legs, abscesses, ulcers, glandular swellings, boils, pimples, sores of any kind, piles, blood poison, rheumatism, gout etc?  If so don't waste your time and money on lotions and ointments which cannot get below the surface of the skin.  What you want and what you must have is a medicine that will thoroughly free the blood of the poisonous matter which alone is the true cause of all your suffering.  Clarke's Blood Mixture is just such  a medicine.  It is composed of ingredients which quickly expel from the blood all impurities from whatever cause arising and by rendering it clean and pure can be relied on to inflict a lasting cure.
Over 50 years' success.  Pleasant to the taste.
Clarke's Blood Mixture.
Has cured thousand will cure you.
Sold by all chemists and stores, ?/? per bottle.
[This struck a personal note with me.  My great-grandmother died very prematurely in 1917 days after giving birth to my great-aunt due to my great-grandmother's exhaustion and general ill-health and many years later we found very similar ads cut out from newspapers in her personal effects.  It is sad to think that 100 years ago people who could not pay for doctors relied on such 'medicines'.]
The benefits of wearing an H Samuel watch at Ypres
Smashed by a German shell!
Miss K Stovell, 148 New Street, Hersham writes of an H Samuel watch worn by her brother Corporal Stovell, RFA:-
"When near Ypres it was struck by a German shell and battered in but even that did not stop it for it still goes though undoubtedly it saved him from a severe wound."
That is the kind of quality you find in all H Samuel's watches - remarkable strength.
H Samuel watchmaker to the admiralty, 40 North Bridge and 25 Princes Street, Edinburgh.
Luminous wrist watch and compass.  As illustrated.  Invaluable to the men at the front.  Shows true time and direction instantly by night or day.  15 jewels, lever movement, handsome night case, strong strap, 30/-, other luminous watches from ?/?.
Now, here's a challenge for my genealogist readers.  Is there any chance the testimonial is genuine, can you find any trace of Miss K Sovell and her corporal brother?
Tune in next week to see what happened in Dunfermline next week 100 years ago ..........
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  1. Hersham was actually Horsham, in Sussex. The Stovell family was living there at 148 New Street at the time of the 1911 census. The sister may actually have been Miss Rose Fanny Stovell ('R' read as 'K'?). Corporal (later Sergeant) 80954 Albert Henry Stovell, who served with the RFA during WW1, was named after his father. There are pension records and a medal card for him at Ancestry. He was 40 when he enlisted on 13 Aug 1914 and had previous army service (probably why he was not on the 1911 census).

    1. Wow, what great research. Thank you. Jacqueline x