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Children's Gala and the Police Court

In the Dunfermline Journal and Advertiser for West Fife 100 years ago this weekend (to be specific the Saturday July 17 1915 issue):
This week I've highlighted another name-rich resource I've found (see afterwards for an expanation if you're not familar with the concept of a 'gala') and also, for those who like to read about criminals ( otherwise known as the after-effects of the weekend's revelry), a police court report.
Children's Gala, Kelty
The annual gala was held on Saturday in the public park where all the children of school age met numbering over 1000.  They were formed into sections with with the co-operation of the teaching staff and a large committee they were provided with a substantial refreshment and a gift of 3d each after which a large number of races and other entertainments were entered into.  The football competitions were all keenly contested for which handsome prizes were offered there being an entry of 35 teams for the three sections.  There were also a number of special races for boys and girls over 12 years of age.  The following are the principal prize-winners:- 100 yards race - 1 T Henderson, 2 Hy Henderson, 3 John Cuthbert 220 yards race - 1 Henderson, 2 Hutchison, 3 J A Morrison.  Half mile race 1 Henderson, 2 Hutchison, 3 Wm Brown.  High jump - 1 A Cowan 3 ft 10 in, 2 Henderson 3ft 9 in, 3 J Anderson 3 ft 8 in.  Broad jump - 1 Henderson 12 ft 5 in, 2 Hutchison 12ft 3 in, 3 Anderson 12 ft.  Hop, step and leap - 1 Henderson 30ft 4 in, 2 Cowan 29 ft 2 in, 3 Hutchison 29 ft 1 1/2 in.  100 yards girls' race - 1 Mary Patrick, 2 Lizzie Adams, 3 Marie Hailstones.  50 yards girls' race - 1 A Cameron, 2 G Wilson, 3 A Pane.  100 yards boys' race (under 12 years) - 1 Bertie Galloway, 2 A Anderson, 3 T Adams.  All the winners were presented with suitable prizes while in addition to this T Henderson was presented with a gold medal for having gained most points in each of the events while H Hutchison received a silver medal as runner up.  The Kelty and Blairadam Brass Band were present during the afternoon and discoursed a programme of music while Mr Jospeh King's Troupe of  dancers gave an exhibition of Highland dancing.  A squad of the St Andrews Red Cross Ambulance were present in order to render assistance if called upon.  The weather was fine but general regret was expressed that the procession was not held as in former years.  Thanks are due to Mr Rattray the chairman and others for the way in which the whole arrangements were carried through.
[A gala is a week long celebration still very popular in West Fife which tends to be hald in June or July in both towns and villages.  It tends to consist, nowdays, of various events each evening during the week such as barbecues, pet shows and dances, then on the Saturday children are chosen as the Royal party for the day, there will be a parade of floats ie decorated lorries and also people on foot and then an afternoon of races and displays.  I recently watched a video from 1932 of the Dunfermline Children's Gala and it was very similar to what happens nowadays: ]
Inverkeithing Police Court
On Monday the following cases were disposed of before Baillie Wylie - Bernard Burns and Patrick O'Donnell were both charged with being drunk and disorderly and in each case a fine of 15s was imposed with the option of 10 days imprisonment.  Thomas Callum for being drunk and incapable was fined 5s or 5 days.  Robert Bryce was fined 2s 6d or 5 days for committing an obstruction.  For cimmitting a breach of the peace Patrick Ferry was fined 10s or ten days.  On Tuesday Peter McGovern was sentenced a to a fine of 10s or 10 days for breach of the peace.
Tune in next week to see what happened in Dunfermline next week 100 years ago ..........

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